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Paper Quilling Greeting card – Happy Mother’s day

Celebrated Mother’s Day with Paper quilled cards

Product code – MC0001                                                           Product code – MC0002

Look how happy the 3 ladies look with their cards 🙂

Happy mother’s day

Paper Quilling – Name plate

Our house had a boring name plate.

I made this and boy does it look good. The highlight of my day was the Blue dart salesman didn’t believe it was made at home.


Paper Quilling – 1

This is the first card I made.

IT wasn’t for sale. I gave it to my mom and dad on their anniversary 🙂

This card and a few thoughts during my meditation made me make more cards and then sell it.

So, hoping for the best.

Paper Quilling

Quilling is known as paper filigree.

Monks and nuns decorated religious artifacts with it. The quilling was cheaper than using gold or silver foil, so poorer churches used it to decorate. It looks amazingly pretty if done with patience and neatness.

It is the art of rolling, bending and pinching paper; then making designs out of the shapes.

Here is my go with it.

I make cards, envelopes and charts.

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