Daily Archives: June 20, 2010

Paper quilled Gift card – 1

Product code – GC0001                                  Product code – GC0002

These are the smallest cards available…Dimensions are 7.5*5.5 cms

Can be used as Thank You cards or you can use them as labels for your gifts

Paper quilled greeting card – Small – flower

Product code – SC0001

A simple and small flowery greeting. Again made on light blue shiny card paper. Dimensions of this card are 11*7.5 cms

Paper quilled Greeting card – Congrats for baby

Product code – MC0012

This card was given to my neighbor.

I think this is the cutest card I made for the cutest baby possible. 🙂

This card was made on shiny light copper card paper and dimensions of this are 15*10.5 cms

I absolutely love the baby’s feet. 🙂

Paper quilled greeting cards – Butterfly – 1

Product code – MC0011

I absolutely love making butterflies…This card is also made on shiny blue card paper.

Dimensions of this card are 15*10.5cms.

Paper quilled Greeting cards – Flower greetings – 1

Product code – MC0010

This sunflower card is made on cream card paper and has a silver shine on it. Empty space on the top left can be used to write the greetings.

Dimensions of this card are 15*10.5 cms

This is my personal favorite

Product code – MC0009

I simply couldn’t decide on which image to choose as both look stunningly pretty.

This card is made on shiny light blue card paper.

Dimensions of this card 15*10.5 cms

Feel free to contact me for buying details

Paper quilled greeting card – Congrats – 1

Product code – MC0008

Following card was gifted to my cousin for her Xth results.

This was made on hand made paper…this too has a golden border and dimensions of the card are 15*12cms

Paper quilled greeting card – Ganpati – 1

Product code – MC0007

This too is made on hand made paper. The picture doesn’t do justice to the card.

Dimensions of this card are 11.5*14.5cms

Product code – MC0006

This card is also made on handmade paper and has a golden border.

Dimensions of this card are 15.5*12cms

Product code – MC0005

Beautiful ganpati made on handmade paper.

Dimensions are 15.5*12cms