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Butterfly Raakhi’s

Butterfly raakhi's

Made special butterfly raakhi’s on request.They look lovely to me…

next request is of teddy bear. 🙂

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my mostest favoritest part about making raakhi’s

Making a raakhi is a process. I make the flower or butterfly or any design, then i stick it to the thread and raakhi is made. I have to leave it for drying with a gentle pressure that ensures that the paper is not spoilt and also that it sticks properly.

Once I leave it to dry, I can’t wait for it to be all dried up….it’s like seeing a cake in the oven bake.

More than making or sticking the raakhi, the one part that i love about making raakhi is decorating it.

Applying glitter or the small moti’s on the raakhi is my mostest favoritest part. 😛

Something spl for nani

Prepared animals as us grandkids for my nani…toook a back breaking effort but i think that it has turned out just as spectacular. 🙂

Raakhi’s part 3

Raakhi’s made on satin ribbon…

Raakhi’s part 2

Raakhis’ made on silver thread

Raakhi’s part 1

Available on golden thread.

Handicraft wall hanging – part 1.2

One of my other friends saw an earlier post and asked me to make similar wall hanging.

The white ones without being painted looked divine to me 😛

Somehow they managed to look prettier after being colored.

Photo Frame

Made a frame of paper quilled sunflower for my friend

This is made on A4 sizes creamy white paper with a shiny finish.

Handicraft wall hanging – part 2

Made this day and night mobile as a wall hanging

Handicraft wall hanging – part 1

I made a decorative handmade artwork  for one of my friends. Made 2 so she can hang around her hall doors.