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Diya’s for diwali

Painted diya’s to raise funds for Touching Lives… This process is strengthening my belief that when u plan to do a good cause, everyone contributes selflessly and it does work towards success.

all profits from the sale of diya’s goes to NGO – Touching Lives –


Greeting cards for diwali

Few cards for diwali

“Recycle your paper”

Artwithsunayna has a “Recycle your paper” drive. You can give card paper in form on old birthday cards, greeting cards or wedding cards. Cards made from this drive will be exclusive.

25% of the sales would go to Touching lives –

Contact me for further details


PS – If you have none right now, save it and give it to me whenever. This is an ongoing drive : )

A collage – Best pic ever

Earrings 3

Out with another 3 earrings.

Cherry blossoms

Product code – ER0021

Plum buckwheat…because it actually look like the buckwheat flower.

Product code – ER0015

Cashew blossoms

Product code – ER0013

Shall be uploading more in few days.

Earrings can also be custom made as per your dress. Contact me on for more details

Earrings – 2

Here are some more earrings.

Yellow periwinkle

Product code – ER0008

Peacock cross

Product code  – ER0012

Water Droplet

Product code – ER0019

Paper quilling gift card – 6


dimensions – 7.5*5.5 cms


dimensions – 7.5*5.5 cms


dimensions – 5.5*3.5 cms