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The alchemist – Explorers club – art with sunayna’s day with them


with the kids of the alchemist club – the explorers

taught them leaf painting. theme was to explore themselves and express it on the paper through leaf art.


Dream catcher

This gift has truly put the “with” in “art with sunayna”

This has been inspired from the movie twilight. the wolf boy gives bella a dreamcather so as to get sweetdreams. Someone wanted to do the same in real life but also customize it. so here it is.

Earrings for Christmas

TISS xmas sale

ME at the TISS sale

Though they didn’t take me in for the HR course, they very warmly took me in for their festival – Sentenia.

Special thanks to Akshay Yadav and Maurvika Patnekar for helping me arrange the whole thing.

Also to the team that was responsible for arranging the fest. kudos guys.

Thank you.

Smell of Fevicol

I smell like fevicol on most days Especially when i do paper mache…. Apparently even with or without a bath this is what i end up smelling like. One of the side effects of doing art probably.
The smell is nice, i don’t mind it but the worst thing is that i can’t smell it. I don’t mind it gravely but just… Others tell me that i smell of fevicol. i don’t know what to do or say. 😦

i was reading about this online, and read that glue sniffing can cause hallucinations… probably that figures why i can do such art. maybe i connect right to the universe…something like HEROES 😛

Christmas Envelope

Envelope for christmas 🙂

Marol christmas sale

My first Christmas sale this season. 🙂 – marol Church

The Christmas sale at St. John Church (Marol) was a huge success. Thank you to Father Clarence, and Mary for helping me set the whole thing.
Loved the warm response.


Thank You

Gift Cards

Season to spread cheers and gift. some cute gift cards for the same.

Product code – GCC003


Product code – GCC006

I love this one the best.


Product code GCC002

Product code GCC007


Mail me for purchase details.


Christmas sale !!!

St. John the Evangelist’s Church (Marol) is hosting a “Art with Sunayna Christmas sale” this saturday 11th december from 1930 onwards.


Christmas greeting cards – Snowflakes

Gearing up for Christmas. I caught a few snowflakes falling on my blog and made them into cards 🙂 It never snows in mumbai but you never know what the climate might turn into now a days…until then, here are some snowflakes cards for christmas….

Product code SCC001

Product code – SCC002

Product code  – SCC003