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Frame – Ganesha

A very beautiful frame for a very lovely Ganesha symbolizing strength, good luck, infinite love and the list could go on … and hence this is a perfect gift  for almost any occasion. The frame has texture on it which is not clearly visible on the snap…

It is about 15* 23cms


So happy

Last time i visited my dentist, he was concerned about how much i would earn with the greeting card business. Ya that’s what he called it. Apparently he didn’t pay attention to the lovely earrings, the most classy envelopes or the most innovative gift cards or the super fantastic frames… u get the point. so he was worried about me. i tried to explain him that due to overflow of msgs and mails on bday and small and simple card gets prime importance. Everything is so simple  that it feels like being taken for granted Technology, a personalized gift does make a person feel ultra special…and hence my business works. He didn’t quite agree but he didn’t say anything.

i went home and decided to do something about it. I made him a greeting card. A ganpati bappa. Not a very huge card but a decent one to get noticed. I sent it. He said he liked it a lot and it was very beautiful and then I sort of forgot about it. I recently visited him again and guess what, He had displayed the card at the reception.

Yay!!!! I was soooo happy to see it there. it was the first thing i noticed as i entered the reception area. It was intact and looked gorgeous. It not only made by day but also gonna keep me smiling for the month 😛


A blog called mindfull meanderings runs contests every month…The Theme for Artsy-Craftsy-February-2011  is “Crepe Art”

I am submitting my crepe paper work. this is inspired from stain glass artwork found in churches. it is placed in my bedroom window to block the afternoon sun. the whole room is full of color because of this.


Suitable for ages 3.5 to older.


  • Box board
  • cutter
  • glue
  • different color crepe paper
  • scizzor
  • scale
  • pencil.


Take the size of box board depending on the size of window.

Cut geomertic shapes or you could make some design on it…like a modern art tree or some theme like flowers.

Cut using a cutter (Parents should not give cutters to kids below 8 yrs..) instead parents can fold the board and kids can make and dent and cut the shape

Once all pcs are cut, cut crepe paper 1/2 inch bigger than the size of the shape using the cut pc

stick crepe paper on one side only.ensure that it doesnt overlap. Try doing it as neatly as possible


Art with Sunayna’s day at The Explorer’s club of the Alchemist on 5th february