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Wonderful contest – 2

The winner, Saurabh Kabra,  for being the first to come and say “I’m here” gets his prize.

Rekha, the winner, along with Saurabh



His message to me – I recvd the diya’s from rekha this afternoon, Since last yr when i bought divas from your exhibition at TSEC, this is my grand total second time i have contributed in any manner to house’s festivities. Thank You Very much for the gift. Looking forward to this and next festivity ART WITH SUNAYNA celebrates. All the best. Thank You once more. Good karma is un-expiringly good!

Tally so far

Annirudh – 14-0

Rahul Pradhan – 6-1

Jyoti – 15-0

Yogesh – 3 -0

hiral – 11 – 0

rekha 18 – 1

ani 18 – 0

kapil 5 – 0

prasana 2 – 0

kb 1 – 0

vaishali 7 – 0

bhakti 9 – 0

ashish 21 – 0

vivek 2 – 0

shweta 1 – 0

anuradha 34 – 0

Anuradha has won the prize for being the first to start.

Rekha and Saurabh Kabra won the prize too.

Rahul Pradhan and Nisha C have won a random 10% off.

Artsy Craftsy – September




Hi dear ones,

happy to announce that the following frame has been selected in the Artsy Craftsy September challenge – Flower Power. You can visit it right here. 2011/09/artsy-craftsy-september.html

 Wish me luck 🙂







Wonderful contest !!!

Art with Sunayna has a wonderful wonderful contest. You will receive 1 AMAZINGLY PRETTY wall hanging. It is so beautiful that you might think that the sun, earth and clouds have formed this wall piece together and made space in your room. It is an upcycled product and cannot be made again unless there is that same print made again.

Here is what you have to do to win. The contest is extremely transparent and each can keep track of the other.

Invite your friends to the FB page.

These are the steps.

1) Go to the FB page, Type “I Invite @”name” on this page.” You can also share the page with friends or invite friends as is circled in red in the the pic to ensure they get the link.

2) Wait for your friend to come online and join the page. Once they “LIKE”, all they have to do is comment on your wall post saying “I’m here”

Simple na?

The individual who gets the most number of friends on this page till 16th Oct 2011 midnight wins.

No  Rules… Simple and transparent. now get going. It is for a good cause at the end of the day 🙂


Mail me on for queries.

The contest ends on 16th October 2011, the winner will be sent the gift before diwali.

Some new earring designs

Tight rolled dangling earrings. This is the first time that Art with Sunayna has made dangling earrings. They will shine and glitter and dangle and accentuate you.

You can order them from me or buy directly from

Ganesha Frame – Ganpati Bappa Mourya

Art with Sunayna wishes everyone a happy ganesh Chaturthi.

May Ganesha come into your life and free you from all your troubles. Ganpati Bappa Mourya!

This frame is upcycled. This is a very unique piece and there are only 4 pcs that i can make. it is approx 6*4. This frame signifies that god is omnipresent and can is just a shape that we have given. There is nothing special inside god that is not present in the outside.


This frame can be purchased directly from the store or you can contact me if you don’t want to use paypal.