Diwali 2012

Diwali 2012 has been the my best diwali so far. With full bags of diyas and lovely corporates.. it has been a fabulous experience.

This is the most important tool for Art with Sunayna now. This is our paper shredder. This is the generator of our raw material and been able to purchase solely based on our early profit and donation from Sophia Ali and a doc who would like to remain anonymous.

Here are few pics of my kids using it.

Pavitra teaching sonam to use the shredder

Sonam using the shredder for the first time

After sales, we all met at the TL centre for painting diyas and getting ready for the next day sales. a refreshing session after carrying the heavy bags back home

We sell in the morning and paint in the evening. we were short on time and manpower at the TL centre and moved base to Poonam’s house. Her mom generously supplied regular dose of much needed cofffeeeee

Here are pics from our sales. Kids or volunteers from TL accompanied me to the sale

Poonam all ready for our first pic, first sale at ASK Investments, Worli

Our very nice sale at ASK Investments. Our first sale at ASK Investment on 5th november, thanks to Nikhil Gadodia. A very sweet response ended up with lighter bags on our way back.

Poonam ready for the 2nd sale at Shoppers Stop, malad.

Poonam awaiting our sale to begin at Shoppers Stop

Our 3rd sale at DHL, thanks to Sunil Naik.

Our third sale at DHL thanks to Sunil Naik. Ankit Kanani from Touching Lives Being You at the sale attending to our male customers

We don’t get male customers a lot. when we do, we are glad!!

Our sale on thursday at Newswire 18, fort.

Almost packed to go back home but employees of Newswire 18 kept coming to us till the last minute to buy some products. A very nice sale

A very very fabulous sale. Shared profit with 4 women and ngo TL. Raised over 25k in profit. Have some stock of diya left for diwali 2013. please do invite us, we would be glad to come.

About Sunayna

With a maturity level that swings from 60 yr old to a 6 yr old, and a bug to write, I laugh, I write, I think, I bore (sometimes) and I live. Born and brought up in Mumbai, shifted to USA for a little while after her marriage but misses Mumbai terribly and awaits return. I have PG degrees from XLRI and Annamalai University and worked in the Corporate World for five odd years but quit it in 2009 and embarked on my heart’s pursuits.Started “Art with Sunayna” (artwithsunayna.wordpress.com) to teach and sell art for NGOs. Also a certified graphologist (sos4graphology.com) who helps everyone to understand themselves better by using a mix of graphotherapy, healing and affirmations and corporates to hire better amongst other fun workshops. In midst of all this and being a home maker, gardener and photographer, I also find the time to write from my daily life experiences. Was the Mumbai reporter for Evergreen Magazine. Many articles have been published in TOI, New woman, Women’s era and she is a proud contributor at many other e-magazines and sites. She is a part of the anthology “Mighty Thoughts” and “The second Life.” check them out here In my little spare time, I also maintains a blog here and can be contacted at sunayna dot pal at gmail. I am currently writing a fictional story slightly inspired by my experience in the USA. Thank you for visiting this page.

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  1. The new design of the website is too good. The links for facebook & flikr are also smartly kept. And excellent photos of diwali sales 2012. Keep up good work!

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