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The next step – Call for action

Art with sunayna” has completed 4 seasons this Mother’s day and is now taken yet another giant step this year.. It has been an amazing feels very good to know that the journey is as unending and expandable as it is rewarding.

We are looking for NGO’s or self help groups who have the manpower and want to raise funds for themselves.

I can teach the volunteers to do everything related to quilling and even have initial sales. Once they are on their feet, they can continue with the sales and be self sufficient.

ImageWho are needed for this to work to be a success?

1 Primarily Ngo’s or self help groups who want to raise funds. It would be ideal if they had volunteers who could make the stuff too

2 volunteers who know paper quilling or want to learn and will teach since I can’t be present everywhere always 🙂 I wish I could though

3 photographers to click pretty pretty pics of the volunteers and ngo’s working and of the sales for the newsletter.

4 Marketing people who can help maintain facebook pages and spread awareness. Can make newletters and banners

5 Accountants who can help keep track of the expenses.

6 Kind people who can donate old wedding cards, beautiful gift boxes and pretty things like that.

6 Corporates who would want to hold the sale in their premises.

7 People who can help with logistics – like buying stuff from crawford market and getting it delivered to a particular NGO.

8 Helpful people who can get us corporate contacts and help out with the sale.

Lastly people everywhere to pray and smile and love spread kindness.

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