About US

Art with Sunayna is an NPO where the women make earrings, greeting cards, coasters among other things under the guidance of me, Sunayna

Complete profit goes to the women who make it.

About Sunayna Sunayna Pal

28 yr old body with a maturity level that swings from 60 yr old to a 6 yr old. Got all the degrees that I could ask for from Msc to MBA but the corporate world couldn’t keep me hooked, So I converted my hobbies into my profession and started art with sunayna to teach and sell art from quilling and became a full time graphologist.

I like art. I like making stuff with my hands and Paper quilling comes naturally to me. The best part – I love doing it.

You can contact me on sunayna.navani@gmail.com for any queries or buying information.

Thank you for visiting this page.

Keep smiling.

PS – I write about my life on mannkiwindow.wordpress.com

  1. lovely blog , loved your bags

  2. A world of Difference from what one normally sees!

    Please keep up the good work and may Raya Bless You Always.

    Best wishes,


  3. Beautiful , well thought out page with nice colour schemes . Wish you all the best .

  4. just wonderful.would like to interact sometime please. all the best. vikas saxena.

  5. shunali.matta

    hello di i liked yor art so much,& m a art lover too.i want to learn all these things if u can, plz. shunali matta from ahmedabad

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