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Artsy Craftsy – September




Hi dear ones,

happy to announce that the following frame has been selected in the Artsy Craftsy September challenge – Flower Power. You can visit it right here. 2011/09/artsy-craftsy-september.html

 Wish me luck 🙂







Ganesha Frame – Ganpati Bappa Mourya

Art with Sunayna wishes everyone a happy ganesh Chaturthi.

May Ganesha come into your life and free you from all your troubles. Ganpati Bappa Mourya!

This frame is upcycled. This is a very unique piece and there are only 4 pcs that i can make. it is approx 6*4. This frame signifies that god is omnipresent and can is just a shape that we have given. There is nothing special inside god that is not present in the outside.


This frame can be purchased directly from the store or you can contact me if you don’t want to use paypal.

Frame of Ganesha

One of my clients wanted a ganesha frame but is tired of gifting everyone everything made of paper. 😛 she told me that it had to be ganesha and it had to be by me and something related to quilling and it definitely had to be eco friendly.



All is well as far as ganesha is involved 🙂



Frames – Ganesha


Some very beautiful frames of lord ganesha. A lovely gift to give for any occasion.

Frame – Ganesha

A very beautiful frame for a very lovely Ganesha symbolizing strength, good luck, infinite love and the list could go on … and hence this is a perfect gift  for almost any occasion. The frame has texture on it which is not clearly visible on the snap…

It is about 15* 23cms


Paper quilled Frame 2 – Ganpati

An exclusive Ganpati photo frame made from a wedding invitation card received in the Recycle your paper drive..

Drive is still on…. 🙂

Paper Quilled Frame

A frame with your loved one’s name written in flowers is sure to mend the biggest breakup ever. 😛

Made this on special request. The longest and the most back breaking task… but completely worth it since it truly made someone’s day.

Made on blue irish paper to get a stunning effect. Looks amazing ne?