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The next step – Call for action

Art with sunayna” has completed 4 seasons this Mother’s day and is now taken yet another giant step this year.. It has been an amazing feels very good to know that the journey is as unending and expandable as it is rewarding.

We are looking for NGO’s or self help groups who have the manpower and want to raise funds for themselves.

I can teach the volunteers to do everything related to quilling and even have initial sales. Once they are on their feet, they can continue with the sales and be self sufficient.

ImageWho are needed for this to work to be a success?

1 Primarily Ngo’s or self help groups who want to raise funds. It would be ideal if they had volunteers who could make the stuff too

2 volunteers who know paper quilling or want to learn and will teach since I can’t be present everywhere always 🙂 I wish I could though

3 photographers to click pretty pretty pics of the volunteers and ngo’s working and of the sales for the newsletter.

4 Marketing people who can help maintain facebook pages and spread awareness. Can make newletters and banners

5 Accountants who can help keep track of the expenses.

6 Kind people who can donate old wedding cards, beautiful gift boxes and pretty things like that.

6 Corporates who would want to hold the sale in their premises.

7 People who can help with logistics – like buying stuff from crawford market and getting it delivered to a particular NGO.

8 Helpful people who can get us corporate contacts and help out with the sale.

Lastly people everywhere to pray and smile and love spread kindness.

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Joy of giving week at Sanofi

Well, here is our first beginning! First non profit sale at Joy of Giving week at Sanofi, Chakala on Oct 4th 2012,

Many more to come in this season hopefully.

Abhinaya and me relaxing, before the sale started.

This pic has Ankit Kanani of NGO – Touching Lives who basically is the reason this sale could take place along with Abhinaya Tever who made earriings and envelopes with her mom for the First non profit sake at Joy of Giving week at Sanofi on Oct 4th 2012

Lovely employees of Sanofi going through our products

Me showing some earrings to the lovely employees of Sanofi

Some see, some buy!

Ankit caught me while I was eating fruit, thankfully my mom now knows that I do take care of myself during sales 😛

This is where it began, in abhinaya’s humble home. She makes earrings here along with her mom.

hihihi abhinaya with a stray cat who disturbs her sometimes but never the art

all these are the lovely earrings that abhinaya and her mom have made

Lovely and attractive diyas, complete profit of this to the ngo – touching lives

Complete range of beautiful products by Art with Sunayna.

nicely clicked na?

First non profit sale at Joy of Giving week at Sanofi on Oct 4th 2012 – A success. Thank YOU

Information on Graphology

Fortunately or Unfortunately, there has been a misprint in the magazine New Woman. There is an article about me related to Graphology which directs you to this page for more information.

Kindly enjoy the detour. But do come to for more information on graphology, its benefits and types of analysis.

Or mail me at


Sunayna Navani

Happy Children’s Day

Art With Sunayna wishes all you lovely people who have that child within you still alive a very happy Children’s Day.

Happy Children's Day

Happy Children's Day

Art with Sunayna painting diyas with the kids of the ngo – Touching Lives

Wonderful contest – 2

The winner, Saurabh Kabra,  for being the first to come and say “I’m here” gets his prize.

Rekha, the winner, along with Saurabh



His message to me – I recvd the diya’s from rekha this afternoon, Since last yr when i bought divas from your exhibition at TSEC, this is my grand total second time i have contributed in any manner to house’s festivities. Thank You Very much for the gift. Looking forward to this and next festivity ART WITH SUNAYNA celebrates. All the best. Thank You once more. Good karma is un-expiringly good!

Tally so far

Annirudh – 14-0

Rahul Pradhan – 6-1

Jyoti – 15-0

Yogesh – 3 -0

hiral – 11 – 0

rekha 18 – 1

ani 18 – 0

kapil 5 – 0

prasana 2 – 0

kb 1 – 0

vaishali 7 – 0

bhakti 9 – 0

ashish 21 – 0

vivek 2 – 0

shweta 1 – 0

anuradha 34 – 0

Anuradha has won the prize for being the first to start.

Rekha and Saurabh Kabra won the prize too.

Rahul Pradhan and Nisha C have won a random 10% off.

Ayra Exhibition at Raghuleela mall on 31st july

Art with Sunayna was part of the exhibition held by Ayra. This was on 31st July, 2011 at Raghuleela mall. 25% of the proceeds were for the ngo – Touching lives

This is the group of ladies along with Ex Mayor and current mayor of mumbai who organized this event.

My first rakhi was bought by Ex Mayor – Shubha Raul. There is a snap of that sale that I am trying to get from the organizer. Hope to upload it soon.

Next sale is on 6th and 7 th august – Shubh Bandhan at Juhu. Hope to see you there.

200 Likes on Facebook celebration – 1

Ms. Chhaya Shah is the lucky lucky lady who is the 200th person to like my facebook page. She got a 20% discount on all her purchases yesterday.Ms. Chhaya Shah – The lucky 200th person to like the art with sunayna page on FB. She got a 20% discount on her purchases.

Newsletter 3

Just happy to make a newsletter. 🙂

Order for Anashray

This is my first order dispatched to anashray. as most of you know, i got this huge order for earrings from them. Hopefully several more to go 🙂