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Paper Quilled greeting card – Happy birthday – 1

Product code – MC0004

I made my sister a happy birthday card.

When i had first assembled my album, she loved this card the best, but the flowers in there were of cyan blue shade…she love the color purple, so here it goes…

Look at the smile on her face 🙂

Paper Quilling Greeting card – Mother’s Day – part 2

Product code – MC0003

One of my dear friends saw the cards and told me to make one for his mom.  This is the one I made. He wanted it on hand made paper. Looks pretty cool na? Though we gave it a day late … he says that his mom loved it. He is still to give me the snap of his mom holding the card though .. ahem..reminder. 😛

Paper Quilling – Name plate

Our house had a boring name plate.

I made this and boy does it look good. The highlight of my day was the Blue dart salesman didn’t believe it was made at home.