1) How did it all start?

Honestly, it just started. I had no plans. I don’t have any now either. I love creating things with my hands so I guess it started because of that. I attended the quilling workshop and.. Voila!.


1.5) Who helped me?

A lot of people have helped me to make it possible… friends, family, well wishers and customers are so very much involved in the process… I can’t make a specialized gift unless the sender is involved in the process. I can’t make recycled cards unless my friends and well wishers give me their used wedding cards. I can’t store the cards unless my aunts and neighbors give me their used boxes. I can’t make cards unless my family allows me to make a little mess. So it has started with a help of a LOT of people.


2) What are these made of?

Mostly paper and fevicol.


3) What is paper quilling?

Quilling is known as paper filigree.

It is the art of rolling, bending and pinching paper; then making designs out of the shapes


4) How long will they last?

The cards can be preserved for ever. It looks delicate, but even if you stack 4 to 5 cards, nothing will happen to them.

But you have to be slightly careful with the earrings, avoid wearing them with when your hair is wet and they will last you a long time


5) Can I buy them online?

Yes, you can visit my blog or my online store at efreewebstores and transfer the money online


6) Can you custom make some gifts?

Yes. Absolutely. I have too!


7) What is the recycle drive?

Recycle drive is cards made from used greeting cards. The unprinted matter is used as base or thin strips are cut and used as borders.

Such cards are exclusive and mostly cannot be repeated.

8) Whats Next?

I am looking for NGO’s or self help groups who have the manpower and want to raise funds for themselves.

I can teach the volunteers to do everything related to quilling and even have initial sales. Once they are on their feet, they can continue with the sales and be self sufficient.


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