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Frame of Ganesha

One of my clients wanted a ganesha frame but is tired of gifting everyone everything made of paper. 😛 she told me that it had to be ganesha and it had to be by me and something related to quilling and it definitely had to be eco friendly.



All is well as far as ganesha is involved 🙂



200 likes on FB celebration – 2

Ms. Chhaya shah launched the hand painted paper.

Following are the different hand painted paper’s available. They are available in forms of envelope and gift wrapping paper in A4 and A3 size.

Everyone gets a 20% discount on these till 6th june 2011


Rose Crush

Glow of the Sun

Lovely sky blue

Nature's blessings

Love in Bloom

Golden Rose

Lovely Dark Blue

Orange Orange

Dream catcher

This gift has truly put the “with” in “art with sunayna”

This has been inspired from the movie twilight. the wolf boy gives bella a dreamcather so as to get sweetdreams. Someone wanted to do the same in real life but also customize it. so here it is.


The best compliment i received about my rakhi’s… someone wanted to buy 4 raakhi’s but she found them so pretty she ended up buying 6 because she couldn’t decide…and she spent about half an hour choosing those 6.

I’m happy. 🙂

Handicraft wall hanging – part 1.2

One of my other friends saw an earlier post and asked me to make similar wall hanging.

The white ones without being painted looked divine to me 😛

Somehow they managed to look prettier after being colored.

Handicraft wall hanging – part 2

Made this day and night mobile as a wall hanging

Handicraft wall hanging – part 1

I made a decorative handmade artwork  for one of my friends. Made 2 so she can hang around her hall doors.