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Christmas cards!!!

It’s the season to be jolly la la la la lala la….

Cards for christmas !!!


Product code – MCC001


The  lights look pretty on this 0ne ne?

Product code MCC002


The camera captured the sparkles beautifully on this card 🙂

Product code MCC003

Greeting cards for diwali

Few cards for diwali

Paper quilled greeting card – Small – flower – 4

Since the first one was so liked..made one more

dimensions are 10.5*7.5 cms

Product code – SC0006

Paper Quilled gPaper quilled greeting card – Small – Butterfly – 1

Cute greeting card for any occasion

Dimensions are 10.5*7.5 cms

Product code – SC0005

Paper quilled greeting card – Small – flower – 3

Sweet greeting card for any occassion.

Dimensions are 10.5*7.5 cms

Product code – SC0004

Made on white glossy paper which has a shiny finish

Paper quilled Greeting cards – Flower greetings – 3


A very classy card. I love the color combination.

The space is left for people who prefer writing “Many many happ returns of the day” instead of just “Happy birthday”

Card is made on white card paper which has a glossy finish.

Dimensions are 15*11.5 cms

Paper quilled greeting card – Ganpati – 2

Greeting card of bappa on hand made paper.

Product code – MC0015

Paper Quilling Greeting card – Happy Mother’s day

Celebrated Mother’s Day with Paper quilled cards

Product code – MC0001                                                           Product code – MC0002

Look how happy the 3 ladies look with their cards 🙂

Happy mother’s day