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Joy of giving week at Sanofi

Well, here is our first beginning! First non profit sale at Joy of Giving week at Sanofi, Chakala on Oct 4th 2012,

Many more to come in this season hopefully.

Abhinaya and me relaxing, before the sale started.

This pic has Ankit Kanani of NGO – Touching Lives who basically is the reason this sale could take place along with Abhinaya Tever who made earriings and envelopes with her mom for the First non profit sake at Joy of Giving week at Sanofi on Oct 4th 2012

Lovely employees of Sanofi going through our products

Me showing some earrings to the lovely employees of Sanofi

Some see, some buy!

Ankit caught me while I was eating fruit, thankfully my mom now knows that I do take care of myself during sales 😛

This is where it began, in abhinaya’s humble home. She makes earrings here along with her mom.

hihihi abhinaya with a stray cat who disturbs her sometimes but never the art

all these are the lovely earrings that abhinaya and her mom have made

Lovely and attractive diyas, complete profit of this to the ngo – touching lives

Complete range of beautiful products by Art with Sunayna.

nicely clicked na?

First non profit sale at Joy of Giving week at Sanofi on Oct 4th 2012 – A success. Thank YOU


Cute Gift Cards

Some cute smiling gift cards for your cute smiling friends…Check them here for buying details. I don’t know about you, but each smiley face reminds me of some expression, does it to you too?

Some new earring designs

Tight rolled dangling earrings. This is the first time that Art with Sunayna has made dangling earrings. They will shine and glitter and dangle and accentuate you.

You can order them from me or buy directly from

Chandelier Earrings

The longest and the most delicate looking earrings in the most jazziest colors possible.

Ayra Exhibition at Raghuleela mall on 31st july

Art with Sunayna was part of the exhibition held by Ayra. This was on 31st July, 2011 at Raghuleela mall. 25% of the proceeds were for the ngo – Touching lives

This is the group of ladies along with Ex Mayor and current mayor of mumbai who organized this event.

My first rakhi was bought by Ex Mayor – Shubha Raul. There is a snap of that sale that I am trying to get from the organizer. Hope to upload it soon.

Next sale is on 6th and 7 th august – Shubh Bandhan at Juhu. Hope to see you there.

Gift Cards

Season to spread cheers and gift. some cute gift cards for the same.

Product code – GCC003


Product code – GCC006

I love this one the best.


Product code GCC002

Product code GCC007


Mail me for purchase details.


Christmas greeting cards – Snowflakes

Gearing up for Christmas. I caught a few snowflakes falling on my blog and made them into cards 🙂 It never snows in mumbai but you never know what the climate might turn into now a days…until then, here are some snowflakes cards for christmas….

Product code SCC001

Product code – SCC002

Product code  – SCC003

Christmas cards!!!

It’s the season to be jolly la la la la lala la….

Cards for christmas !!!


Product code – MCC001


The  lights look pretty on this 0ne ne?

Product code MCC002


The camera captured the sparkles beautifully on this card 🙂

Product code MCC003

Biggest greeting card…

This is the biggest project i undertook. It was for a special friend and had to be amazing. Custom made card with all my energy in it.

The size of the card is approx 30cms * 50cms

I know that it made someone’s day … handmade gifts normally do:)


Earrings 3

Out with another 3 earrings.

Cherry blossoms

Product code – ER0021

Plum buckwheat…because it actually look like the buckwheat flower.

Product code – ER0015

Cashew blossoms

Product code – ER0013

Shall be uploading more in few days.

Earrings can also be custom made as per your dress. Contact me on for more details