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Diwali 2012

Diwali 2012 has been the my best diwali so far. With full bags of diyas and lovely corporates.. it has been a fabulous experience.

This is the most important tool for Art with Sunayna now. This is our paper shredder. This is the generator of our raw material and been able to purchase solely based on our early profit and donation from Sophia Ali and a doc who would like to remain anonymous.

Here are few pics of my kids using it.

Pavitra teaching sonam to use the shredder

Sonam using the shredder for the first time

After sales, we all met at the TL centre for painting diyas and getting ready for the next day sales. a refreshing session after carrying the heavy bags back home

We sell in the morning and paint in the evening. we were short on time and manpower at the TL centre and moved base to Poonam’s house. Her mom generously supplied regular dose of much needed cofffeeeee

Here are pics from our sales. Kids or volunteers from TL accompanied me to the sale

Poonam all ready for our first pic, first sale at ASK Investments, Worli

Our very nice sale at ASK Investments. Our first sale at ASK Investment on 5th november, thanks to Nikhil Gadodia. A very sweet response ended up with lighter bags on our way back.

Poonam ready for the 2nd sale at Shoppers Stop, malad.

Poonam awaiting our sale to begin at Shoppers Stop

Our 3rd sale at DHL, thanks to Sunil Naik.

Our third sale at DHL thanks to Sunil Naik. Ankit Kanani from Touching Lives Being You at the sale attending to our male customers

We don’t get male customers a lot. when we do, we are glad!!

Our sale on thursday at Newswire 18, fort.

Almost packed to go back home but employees of Newswire 18 kept coming to us till the last minute to buy some products. A very nice sale

A very very fabulous sale. Shared profit with 4 women and ngo TL. Raised over 25k in profit. Have some stock of diya left for diwali 2013. please do invite us, we would be glad to come.

Joy of giving week at Sanofi

Well, here is our first beginning! First non profit sale at Joy of Giving week at Sanofi, Chakala on Oct 4th 2012,

Many more to come in this season hopefully.

Abhinaya and me relaxing, before the sale started.

This pic has Ankit Kanani of NGO – Touching Lives who basically is the reason this sale could take place along with Abhinaya Tever who made earriings and envelopes with her mom for the First non profit sake at Joy of Giving week at Sanofi on Oct 4th 2012

Lovely employees of Sanofi going through our products

Me showing some earrings to the lovely employees of Sanofi

Some see, some buy!

Ankit caught me while I was eating fruit, thankfully my mom now knows that I do take care of myself during sales 😛

This is where it began, in abhinaya’s humble home. She makes earrings here along with her mom.

hihihi abhinaya with a stray cat who disturbs her sometimes but never the art

all these are the lovely earrings that abhinaya and her mom have made

Lovely and attractive diyas, complete profit of this to the ngo – touching lives

Complete range of beautiful products by Art with Sunayna.

nicely clicked na?

First non profit sale at Joy of Giving week at Sanofi on Oct 4th 2012 – A success. Thank YOU

Art with Sunayna made cards for The Village Store along with the kids of ngo – Touching Lives

Summer fest of Touching Lives and Art with Sunayna

All good things come to an end, so did the art with sunayna summer camp with touching lives.

Thank You for making the diya sale a success

The initiative 2 raise funds 4 “touching lives” ws a Gr8 success.

Ppl have been helpin me like crazy. My house ws lk a station, ppl kept cmin to hlp 1 aftr anothr

Special thanks to Rekha Navani, Karan Bhandarkar, Akshay Yadav n my uncles and aunts 2 help me arrange 4 sale in corp and college.

Also 2 Rozina Keshwani, Ramprasad J Maurya, Dhaval Shah, rekha navani(again) n Akshay yadav (again)n the kids in my bldg 2 hlp wth the painting and packing of diyas. Packing was the most tedious job ever

Also thanks to Anish masand, Madhu advani, kunjal shah, meenal dighe for constant support and help in terms of ideas and in all other aspects whenever i needed it… and for the advt 😛

A very deserving thanks to my mom and dad for letting me mess up the house before diwali 🙂

Also thank u to sonia to helping us all touch lives

A very heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful people who brought the diyas from us. 🙂


PS – If i have missed out on any names…..apologies…i didn’t eat my almond today 😛