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Ganesha Frame – Ganpati Bappa Mourya

Art with Sunayna wishes everyone a happy ganesh Chaturthi.

May Ganesha come into your life and free you from all your troubles. Ganpati Bappa Mourya!

This frame is upcycled. This is a very unique piece and there are only 4 pcs that i can make. it is approx 6*4. This frame signifies that god is omnipresent and can is just a shape that we have given. There is nothing special inside god that is not present in the outside.


This frame can be purchased directly from the store or you can contact me if you don’t want to use paypal.

Dream catcher

This gift has truly put the “with” in “art with sunayna”

This has been inspired from the movie twilight. the wolf boy gives bella a dreamcather so as to get sweetdreams. Someone wanted to do the same in real life but also customize it. so here it is.